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May 12 14 Buys Senior Living Lead Provider for $54 Million in Cash

by Paddu

Bankrate, Inc., a leading lead generation and information publishing company and owner of flagship website, announced the acquisition of, one of the leading referral service providers for the senior living industry for $54 million in cash.

Andy Cohen CEOMany of you may be familiar with as they are well known lead provider to the senior living industry. Some of you may be buying senior referral leads from them.

Online Lead Generation

As the online lead generation in the senior living industry segment matures, consolidation is bound to happen. Does this augur well for the senior living industry? While some may argue that the referral fees may up, it may very well increase the awareness in the industry leading to high volumes and competitive prices.

In a sense, acquisition of is not a consolidation because is not operating in the senior care industry currently. Both Bankrate and Caring have announced that this merger is a great fit, as Bankrate has a large presence in the lead generation industry, and will bring in additional resources and best practices to the senior living lead generation segment.

Also quite a few players, such as Senior Care Resource Network,  a lead provider partner of, have started focusing on the senior living lead generation, as the owners / operators / administrators of elder care facilities and home care agencies are now embracing online marketing and elder care leads generation as a viable option.

Experts opine that this acquisition will also bring more pressure on A Place for Mom, the current leader in senior leads referral segment – which will be good for the industry.

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Mar 23 14

Revisiting Home Care Lead Generation Industry and Practices

by Paddu

We took a brief look at the Home Care Lead Generation practices and industry scenario couple of years back. You may revisit State of Home Care Products and Services Lead Generation Industry post. In the discussion, we focused on Home Medical Equipment (HME) lead generation – issues, practices, legal situation, etc.

In-home Care LeadsNow let us look at the Home Care Leads generation – Home Care Leads and Home Health Care Leads. Since Home Health Care agencies are reimbursed by Medicare for their service, the situation is similar to the one of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies leads. Here is a another good summary of HME lead generation and practices – Q&A on Purchasing Leads: On the Government’s Radar.

If you are generating or buying non-medical home care leads, then there is no major issues since Medicare is not used for payments. Home care leads are similar to any other lead verticals. The non-medical home care services industry is growing leaps and bounds for the past few years.

Consumers, specifically seniors, are interested in staying in their own homes and avail the care services from home care agencies or independent home care professionals. This is referred to as Aging in Place as opposed to moving into an institutional or community settings such as nursing homes or assisted living communities.

Non-medical home care services industry in US is highly fragmented similar to that of senior living industry. Except a few large franchise based systems, most other agencies are small and family operated. This is an opportunity for home care lead generation firms and lead marketplaces or lead brokerage services. Most homecare agencies neither have the time nor the skills to generate their own leads.

Home care lead generation industry is also fragmented at this point in time, except a few large leadgen services such as Recently LTC Technologies, a leading senior and home care lead generation from and LeadDeck lead marketplace have joined hands to provide home care leads to in-home care service providers.

Home care leads are sold based on per-lead price by most lead providers. Lead generation firms heavily leverage online leadgen sources such as websites, blogs, and social media channels. Some established providers use television and other traditional media to advertise home care services.

If you are a in-home care lead provider, you may leverage lead distribution software such as LeadPro247 to capture, aggregate, route and deliver leads to home care agencies. You may also use the payment processing built into the lead system to capture payments while delivering leads to the buyers.

While the outbound leads are generally delivered via email or SMS, you may also suggest to your lead buyers to use a free lead management system such as Carevium CRM to receive the leads directly in the lead database and track the leads until conversion.

Mar 20 14

Distributing Eldercare Leads to Assisted Living Facilities and Memory Care Communities

by Paddu

Lead Capture, Aggregation, Distribution and Delivery Management Software such as LeadPro247 can be used to centrally manage and distribute Eldercare Leads to Assisted Living Facilities and Memory Care Communities. Senior referral service agencies, placement professionals and retirement counseling firms can streamline their lead generation, routing and tracking processes to significant extent by employing a leadgen and distribution system.

Why Use Lead Distribution Software

Carevium FREE CRM for ALFs and Homecare AgenciesMost senior referral service firm are independent and boutique firms with a small number of highly specialized staff. They assess the specific requirements of seniors and their families looking for senior living options and home care services. Based on the individual requirements, the advisors recommend three or four senior housing facilities or home care agencies to choose from.

The staff have to keep track of the leads received from various sources such as websites, blogs, social media channels, and third party senior lead providers. Then, they need to do the research and personalization before forwarding the lead contact information to the assisted living facility or service organization.

The entire process is manually intensive and time taking. Also, the delay may cause the consumer to look for other options.

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Feb 20 13

Benefits Of Using Lead Distribution Software over CRM Systems

by Paddu

If you are involved in lead generation, distribution, buying or sales, and looking for choosing a lead distribution and management software system, this article will be of interest to you. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an executive working in a lead generation and lead selling business, you may have difficulty in choosing between a Lead Generation Distribution Software or a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management software).

Why CRM Systems Are Used – Background

Many marketers involved in the lead generation business are not familiar with the lead distribution specific software. Hence they choose to use a CRM system, since there are dozens of CRM systems visible and available in the marketplace.

CRM SystemsCRM systems are made for a different purpose – to cater to the customer relationship needs of organizations involved in delivering or goods or services. The lead management module is one of the components of the CRM systems, suitable for collecting and routing leads to their inside sales force and field sales representatives – within the organization.

When the online lead management started taking route several years back, the companies involved in lead generation (such as Lending Tree, InsureMe,, etc.) built their own custom software since they cannot use the traditional CRM software from SAP, Siebel, Oracle, etc. And these large leadgen companies could afford to invest millions of dollars for building their own systems.

However, as the internet matured, consumers adopted internet  in droves, small and medium sized marketing  companies and online advertising / media agencies started focusing on online lead generation and the industry took off in a big way. Since there was no specialized lead generation and distribution software, these organizations started using CRM in some fashion.

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Feb 14 13

LeadPro247 Lead Distribution Platform Provider Launches Legal Leads Resources Blog

by Paddu

LeadPro247, a leading cloud based lead generation, aggregation, and distribution software company, has launched an online resource for legal lead generation industry. The legal lead generation industry is a fast growing segment within the internet lead production and marketing domain.

This Legal Leads 24×7 blog will serve the needs of the organizations and professionals involved in legal lead generation, aggregation, distribution, lead sales and management operations.

The legal lead resources blog will include industry relevant content on lead generation strategies, social media marketing tactics, best practices in lead aggregation, distribution and management processes, tools and techniques, tricks and tips, industry news, etc.

If you are involved in lead generation and sales to law firms and lawyers or providing online media services for lawyer marketing, please visit the Legal Leads 24×7 blog.

Please note that LeadPro247 is the owner and sponsor of this lead distribution software resources blog.

Feb 14 13

Benefits of Sales Lead Distribution Software for Franchise Systems

by Paddu

Franchise systems and home offices spend tons of money and efforts nowadays on online marketing and inbound marketing. Online lead generation is a key strategy managed by the top management in many franchise systems independent of size. In fact, smaller franchise businesses focus their efforts online rather than traditional marketing methods. Deploying and leveraging a suitable Sales Lead Aggregation and Distribution Software system can bring in significant benefits in terms of ROI and business growth.

Internet and Mobile Adoption Growth Leads to Inbound Marketing

Studies have shown that over 80% US consumers start their purchasing and buying process with internet research – whether they are buying products or services. Even retailers and brick and mortar businesses acquire their customers through online channels. With the mass adoption of internet and mobile technologies, consumers prefer online sources to locate their services and goods providers.

As a result, owners of franchise systems have recognized the importance of online sales lead generation tools and techniques in recent times. These internet lead generation process is known as inbound marketing as opposed to traditional outbound marketing channels (such as yellow pages, print media, journals, magazines, local newspapers, direct marketing, call centers, radio, television, etc.).

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May 21 11

Cherry Picking Leads – How and When To Use in Lead Distribution

by Paddu

Cherry Picking is the terminology used by the Lead Generation, Distribution, Routing and Sales practitioners to represent the choices provided to the sales agents or lead buyers while choosing their leads for purchase or active followup. Comprehensive Lead Distribution and Routing Software systems such as LeadPro247 includes Cherry Picking method as an option for sellers and lead generation businesses.

Businesses can also provide choices for their inside sales or field sale representatives to cherry pick leads available in the distribution queue. This is generally used in the Lead Pull method of the assignment process. Sales reps can pull the prospects when they are ready for next follow up. However, businesses have the option to specify if the reps can choose their prospects or accept without any choice. If the reps can review and accept or reject the prospects in the Lead Pull method, then the process is referred to as cherry picking leads.

When the term Cherry Picking is used in general by the Lead Generation industry, it refers to the usage in the Lead Selling scenarios rather than the internal distribution scenario within an organization.

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